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FinLink : sharing our values

What is FinLink?

FinLink is a professional network specialized in the banking, insurance and finance sectors.

The mission statement of FinLink is to propose to FinLink members a trustworthy environment to develop their business. FinLink proposes a secured internet application called, that allows its members to create, develop and manage their own professional network.

In practice, you can invite your acquintance to join you on FinLink. You contact FinLink members by using the search engine. You can exchange with other members. You can reach privileged announcements such as targeted job vacancies. You can participate and animate some communities. FinLink is also a physcial reality with the organization of events by its members and its communities to meet physically.

Why subscribe to FinLink?

Several reasons according to your professional profile:

How to subscribe to FinLink?

In terms of members, the development of the FinLink network is based on cooptation.

In practice, two situations are possible : you are sponsored by another FinLink member (contact François Longin for example) or you register


As one of the FinLink animators, I recommend this network that I trust.

Find François Longin's profile on FinLink.

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